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Zebra YMCKO Color Ribbon 250 Print - 800015-140

Zebra YMCKO Color Ribbon 250 Print - 800015-140

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Zebra Eltron YMCKO Full Color Ribbon 800015-140

  • YMCKO full-color with resin black and clear overlay panel
  • 200 images
  • Includes cleaning roller
  • For use with the following Zebra card printers:
    • P300C P310C P400 P420C P500 P520C P600
    • P720C

Zebra card printers require specialized ribbon to function properly. To
maximize printed card quality and printer durability, use only genuine Zebra

Each of the 800015-140 Zebra ribbons is full color YMCKO (dye-sublimation) and
capable of printing 200 brilliant color images.

The 800015-140 Zebra ribbon is designed to produce superior results with your Zebra plastic card
printer. You can depend on 800015-140 Zebra ribbons to provide rich, vibrant, image production. With 800015-140 Zebra ribbons you can produce brilliant color photos and true-to-life flesh tones as well as incredibly sharp monochrome resin bar codes & text.

The 800015-140 Zebra ribbon is designed with a unique silicone based "back-coating" which allows the ribbon to pass smoothly over the printhead and helps to extend printhead life. Further, the patented overlay (“O panel”) in the Zebra ribbon protects your card against dye migration and abrasions. Non-Zebra ribbons do not have this coating which may allow particulate buildup on the printhead.

Each 800015-140 Zebra ribbon roll is shipped in a protective package for extended shelf life: rolls are packaged in a sealed pouch to prevent dust particles from attaching to the ribbons, and then placed in an individually sealed box. 800015-140 Zebra ribbons ensure dependable, consistent high-quality
color reproduction from card to card, roll after roll. The Zebra 800015-140 print ribbons provide guaranteed printer compatibility with each ribbon.

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