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Fargo HDP600 CR100 (Oversized/Millitary Cards)

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Print bigger ID cards that won't crack under pressure

The Fargo HDP600 CR100 printer with the optional lamination module adds increased security and durability to your large, event-sized color ID cards. Though the HDP600 series uses reverse transfer printing to guard against counterfeiting and ensure better print quality, lamination adds yet another layer of immunity for situations in which you can't afford a security breach. Plus, laminated cards last up to 25 times as long as unlaminated cards. You may also choose to order holographic overlaminate (standard or customized) for another layer of coverage against falsification.

Instead of printing directly onto the plastic card, the HDP600 series prints onto high-definition film, which is then affixed to the card using heat and pressure. This process ensures that ink covers the entire card, creating photo-quality images; it also makes it impossible to peel the film away from the card without dismantling the card. Modular design allows you to personalize your ID cards with as many cutting-edge security technologies as you like. And you have the freedom to choose when to purchase encoders for smart cards, magnetic stripes and other embeddable features, since any encoder or optional accessory for the Fargo CR100 printer may be attached later, in the field.

Advantages of the Fargo HDP600 CR100 Printer

Only the lamination module comes with a reject hopper that automatically weeds out defective cards

Embedded electronics can cause card surfaces to be uneven or ridged, but since the HDP600 does not print directly on the plastic cards, you can enjoy consistent image quality

Encoding options include contact or contactless smart cards, proximity cards, magnetic stripes, RFID cards, Wiegand cards and optical memory cards

One-pass, double-sided printing and encoding

Prints one card every 92 seconds

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