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Dual Lamination Module 88902 (For use with HDP5000)

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Refurbished Fargo HDP5000 Field Upgradeable Dual Lamination Module

The Fargo HDP5000 lamination module puts you in a better position to protect your cards from physical wear, forgery and tampering. The HDP5000 lamination module is designed to apply lamination patches to one or both sides of your card in one simultaneous pass - removing the extra seconds it would take other laminators to flip the card over. This is a true time-saver in large volume applications.

Protection from everyday wear and tear. The Fargo HDP5000 lamination module applies a laminate patch to your cards that adds durability by reducing swipe abrasion and gradual dye migration. It also shields your card text and images from UV light.

A dimension of visual security. Applying lamination deters fraudulent reproduction of your cards. In particular, holographic lamination discourages counterfeiting because it is extremely difficult to replicate. With lamination, your ID badges additionally become more tamper-evident. If someone tries to alter a badge by peeling apart its layers, printed images and text are destroyed.

Fargo HDP5000 lamination material can be purchased in clear, and standard or custom holographics.

HDP5000 Lamination Module Specifications:

Dual side (part number 88902).

  • Dimensions: 12.25" W x 12.75" H x 9.25" D (313 mm W x 324 mm H x 235 mm D)
  • Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg) (NOT SHIPPING WEIGHT)

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