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Fargo DTC550-LC Double-Sided w/Lamination - System

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This system includes the Fargo DTC550-LC Double Sided w/Lamination Printer

1 YMCKOK Full Color plus Black Ribbon

1  Clear Film Lamination Roll

100 Plain White Composite cards

cardPresso XXS ID Card software


The Fargo DTC550 Direct-to-Card Printer/Encoder supports secure ID card issuance at multiple locations throughout the enterprise. With an Ethernet port and internal print server, your IT staff can install a DTC550 anywhere on a LAN. The optional Print Security software gives your security team tight control over ID card printer access and use.

The DTC550 provides greater flexibility when you’re planning widespread or high-volume card issuance for applications such as employee access cards, government and student IDs, customer loyalty and membership cards. Print Security software protects access and issuance throughout the enterprise.

In a networked environment, it’s easy to think of the DTC550 as just another office printer. It’s not. Without proper security measures, a DTC550 could be used to produce fraudulent ID cards that are indistinguishable from the real thing. That makes Fargo’s optional Print Security software a critical part of any DTC550 solution.

Whether you choose the LAN-based Print Security Manager, or the stand-alone Print Security Suite, you’ll get applications that provide essential protection for the DTC550 and your entire card issuance system. Print Security software adds password-controlled access to the DTC550. It can notify key personnel by text message or e-mail whenever printing is attempted outside of authorized hours.

Welcome to the new standard in ID card printer systems.

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