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Datacard SP75+ Double-Sided Dual Lamination w/Mag Encoder

Datacard SP75+ Double-Sided Dual Lamination w/Mag Encoder

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The Datacard SP75+ card printer delivers a powerful and unprecedented combination of advanced security and extreme reliability. It is designed to protect critical assets and enhance security in government and corporate environments. Plus, the Datacard SP75+ provides the high-quality output and fast, dependable operation that colleges, universities and other cost-conscious organizations demand from a desktop card printer.

Built on the same proven platform as Datacard SP Series card printers, the Datacard SP75+ card printer is engineered for high reliability. The Datacard SP75+ printer features fewer moving parts and a significantly higher duty cycle, enabling it to deliver outstanding productivity and consistent performance.

The Datacard SP75+ card printer is also exceptionally versatile. It can laminate cards printed by another printer or print cards without laminating, as well as apply the same laminate to both sides or different laminates to each side of the card. As part of an integrated solution, the Datacard SP75+ printer can issue the optional contactless and contact smart cards, proximity cards and IDs with magnetic stripes and bar codes.

Want the most advanced duplex printer to-date: Datacard SP75+.

Put the power of the leading ID solution provider to work for you.


Part # 573590-003

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