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Datacard Group SP55 Double-Sided

Datacard Group SP55 Double-Sided

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The powerful Datacard® SP55 double-sided card printer offers the speed and features to meet your current requirements and the flexibility to keep pace with changes in your card program.

They integrated the power and functionality of a professional-grade card printer with the plug-and-play simplicity of a desktop printer. The result is another breakthrough in technology-the Datacard® SP55 card printer. This versatile, new printer is advanced enough to meet the demands of high-profile security programs, yet easy and affordable enough for enterprises launching their first card programs.

The Datacard SP55 card printer delivers high-quality color photo IDs that elevate security programs to entirely new levels. Magnetic stripe encoding options make it easy to create multi-technology IDs that provide authorized users with secure access to facilities, networks and other privileges. For consumer marketers, this new printer serves as a powerful platform for highly profitable loyalty programs.

The design of the Datacard SP55 card printer is based on more than 10 years of market experience, and it anticipates the emerging needs of your card program.

Put the power of the leading ID solution provider to work for you.

Part # SP55C2H1USB + 559246-001

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